Truth lies


What are we? Why are we here? We have all asked ourselves these kinds of questions; especially when we were kids. Later, as we became adults, with minds increasingly full of certainties and unquestionable knowledge, we forget all about that. But some mortals still have unclosed business with questioning, because they haven't found the answers they were looking for, or even better, because along the way they found out that perhaps the answer is that there is no answer (or at least not a SINGLE answer), and they enjoy the search for itself. Even knowing it probably leads nowhere, they keep on questioning.

That's the starting point of “Truth Lies”. That's where Darío Sztajnszrajber stands; ready to hammer (just like Nietzsche) the common sense with all his strength. Ready to demolish all our preconceptions about Love, God, Death, Identity, Happiness, Friendship, and Truth itself.
There are certain projects you fell in love with prematurely. And it gets worse. You get obsessed. You enjoy it as much as you suffer when making it. You laugh and cry, all at the same time. Then you're recommended to see a doctor. But you don't listen. That project is part of your life. It has put your whole world upside down, which is what good projects do. And then, you start thinking never letting it go. You want to have babies with it, beautiful and smart babies. In that point you're forced to see a doctor or your beloved ones decide to turn you in. In the meantime you've produced a two-season show, that has received international awards; a project that has given joy to an incredible group of people who have learnt a lot about writing, producing, acting, directing and editing with it. And when you think you've had enough, when you are fulfilled and pleased, you realize a new season is coming. Everything is going to happen all over again. But it's definitely good news. True love should never die.