How Are you today?

New city. New school. New everything. Mariana's life changes in the blink of an eye when she has to move to Buenos Aires after her parents' sudden divorce. Adaptation doesn't seem to be easy at first, but time will change it all. As the story develops she'll meet Estefi, Fede, Nacho, Carla, Chifle, Luca and Natu, each of them having their own backgrounds and stories to tell. Every story linked within each other by a thin network of events, that at the end will uncover they are not that different after all. A series about a very special time of life: the present.

This is the first fictional show aired by Canal Encuentro, the most important cultural network in Argentina. The storyline was originally designed to reach teen audiences, since it introduces an innovative format of 15 minutes episodes that deals with a set of relevant topics such as sex, bullying, discrimination, night-outs and political compromise, among others.

We were lucky to build a strong and multi-talented cast that combined young musicians, rising cinema actors, and a complete novelty for us: youtubers. The mixture gave pretty good results and the series exploded social networks after each episode was aired.

:PRESENT happens to be our first -and a little shy perhaps- attempt to get into a teenager mind. And though we are happy with the results so far, we want to do it again. We want to get better. Stay tuned. The sequel is coming.