Dr. Bernardo Kliksberg is an Argentine Doctor of Economics, recognized around the world as the founder of the discipline "social management", and also as a pioneer of development ethics, social capital and corporate social responsibility.

All along the different episodes, the laureate economist reviews the main concerns of today's world under the light of two of the most pressing capitals of humanity: ethics and solidarity, and proposes solutions to conflicts over migration, educational system's crisis, gender discrimination and the elderly, among other groundbreaking topics that reach all audiences.

From an optimistic and enthusiastic perspective, Kliksberg introduces exemplary cases, humanitarian role models and all kinds of statistics that confirm that a better world is possible. And as he likes to quote "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness". That's the whole purpose of the series.

This programme has achieved something extraordinary for us, moreover the kind reception it had among viewers in our country. It has started a global and collaborative network of unselfish film makers and producers, that have gently agreed to let us use their personal visual documents in order to illustrate Kliksberg's discourse and give it a real and fresh worldwide feeling. In our modest opinion, those thousands collaborators are making something to change the world. Candles up for Kliksberg!