Mateo, Benjamin, Lupe and Clari are four elementary schoolmates and also neighbors. Just like any other kid nowadays, they decide to start a blog. But theirs is special, because they investigate and write about things such as: Who rules their country? Why do they have to study math? Who makes the money bills? or Why are they vaccinated? We can't blame them, those are very good questions. The thing is they don't feel satisfied by just googling it, they want to face the authorities and ask them for an explaination. That's how they manage to slip through public buildings and government offices and interview the people in charge, from public officials to Ministers, legislators and policemen.

An interesting complement for the TV series is a website where the audience can access to the very same posts kids write during the show, promoting an interactive media space were followers participate and discuss about the different contents presented.

After being aired on the two most important public broadcasters in Argentina, we're now finishing the second season. Fortunately kids curiosity keeps running fast and against all odds blogs are still alive! Classic win-win situation