Area 23


Eugenia Simone is an Argentinean scientist with an expertise in Molecular Biology that has been living and working abroad for ten years. Persuaded by an old colleague and friend, she decides to return to her home country to join a specialized team in a high complexity lab dedicated to solve enigmatic cases related to different investigative areas that go from medicine to ecology.

Everything looks fine at first, but a dramatic turn will leave Eugenia in charge of the group she was invited to work with. The tension between scientifics who left the country in search for new opportunities and the ones who stayed and manage to carry on during the times of crisis, is just the first obstacle Eugenia will have to sort, in order to demonstrate herself she's up to the challenge.

Luckily for us, throughout the whole process of scriptwriting, we counted on the support of the scientist community related with the Ministry of Science of Argentina. Thanks to all of them!